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Musical Theatre

Pop, Folk & Rock

Jessie has a great deal of session experience in a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz, country, pop, electronica, folk and more. and can record at your studio or remotely at her own studio. Jessie's studio is set up with a beautiful Coles 4038 ribbon mic and Universal Audio interface with iconic Neve 1073 preamp plugin for a stunning string sound.

Jessie is very flexible in her approach to recording, so can play the parts you already have or improvise/ create parts herself. Layering for large orchestral sounds is also offered.  Jessie has extensive arranging experience and can offer this service as well. Click here for more info.


    * Improvised sessions

    * Recording of existent scores

    * Writing/ arranging parts for projects (click here for more)

    * Extensive layers for full orchestral string sounds

    * Doubling/ overdubbing for thicker sounds

    * Any genre

                                                                            Jessie has recorded for:

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